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Despre medaliile şi plachetele dedicate lui Anghel Saligny şi lucrărilor sale / Medals and Plaques Dedicated to Anghel Saligny and His Works

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Excerpt In September 1995 there were celebrated 100 years from the Inauguration of the bridge “King Carol I” built at Cernavodă by the engineer Anghel Saligny.
The Romanian General Association of Engineering issued a commemorative medal on this occasion. The medal was struck at the National Mint in Bucharest. It bears on the obverse the portrait of Anghel Saligny (a copy alter the homage plaque struck by his friends and admirers in 1911) and on the reverse some representations imitated alter Anghel Saligny's official medal struck in 1895. The paper presents this new medal as well as some other ones struck in that period to commemorate the building of the bridge together with the personality of Anghel Saligny, considerate to be the founder of the Romanian Engineering School and builder of many others important constructions.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; VII; anul 1996