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MOLDER-LANT - O legendă inedită pe monedele emise de Ştefan I - 1394-1399 / MOLDER-LANT – A New Legend on the Coins Issued by Stephen I Prince of Moldavia (1389-1399)

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Excerpt The paper presents the reverse legend some of the coins of a hoard discovered by chance in 1957 at Corlăteni, district of Botoşani. The hoard belongs now to the National History Museum of Romania. It has 5, 744 coins and still has to be studied. The hoard dates from the end of the 14th century. The coins were issued by two Moldavian princes, Peter I (1375-1391) and Stephen I (1394-1399).
The coins of Stephen I, studied by the author have a new legend, totally different of those found on other Romanian medieval coins.
The description is the following:
Obverse: Auroch head with a small star between horns, rosette in right field and crescent to left. Circular legend starting on the upper side, with a rosette (very seldom with a cross): STEPANWOI WOD. Prince's title sometimes written as: VOIDA, WOIODA or WOIODAI.
Reverse: Shield vertically divided in two parts, three fascies to the left and two lilies to the right. Circular legend starting on the upper side (above the shield), with rosette and word MOLDER. Second rosette followed by legend LANT (or LANTI on some coins), at the base of the shield.
One may notice though that on the reverse of the coins of Stephen I the name of Moldavia appears in German - MOLDER-LANT.
The paper points out that the letters of the legend were inspired from the Gothic alphabet, mentioning that the person that dealt with the stroking of those coins was of German origin. This does not justify the writing of the country's name though. The only hypothesis admitted by the author regarding the legend is that the prince of Moldavia probably wanted these coins to penetrate easier in areas inhabited by German people out of the Moldavian borders. The author considered that the coins circulated easily In Moldavia too, because of the great number of Germans that lived in the country by that time. So the name of the country was mentioned in German too.
The importance of this paper consists in the presentation of a new legend on the reverse of the coins issued by Stephen I. The legend is not only unknown but has some mystery in it so far.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; VII; anul 1996