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Un depozit de monede autonome histriene descoperit la Călan, jud. Hunedoara / A Small Hoard of Histrian Autonomous Coins Faund at Călan, Hunedoara County

  • Numismatică antică si bizantină (Ancient and Byzantine Numismatics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt During the summer of 2002 a small bronze coins hoard was found at Călan (Hunedoara County), consisting of 11 Histrian issues. I O of them belong to the type Apollo I eagle on dolphin (later phase) and one of the type Apollo on omphalos. The coins are kept in the collection of the Coin Room of the National History Museum of Romania.
The coins of the type Apollo / eagle on dolphin, bear the names of four magistrates: XAI (4 sp.), XAIPE (4 sp.), AVI: (I sp.) and to an unprecise one, T[ ... ]Y? (I sp.)
All the coins of the hoard are countermarked on the obverse, with two round countermarks:
I. The head of Helios (supposed to belong to Istrus)
2. The head of Hermes with petasos, applied by Tomis.
The coin with Apollo on omphalos was countermarked with a countermark representing the head of Athena, supposed to belong to Callatis.
All the coins of the hoard are very worn, being in currency long time before the countermarks were applied and therefore being transported from Istros to Dacia.
The moment of the deposition of Călan hoard could be dated soon after the conquest of the Greek towns from the Western shore of the Black Sea by the Dacian armies of King Burebista, about 55-48 B.C.
The hoard of Călan presents strong similarities with other finds of late Hellenistic Histrian and other Western Black Sea coins (Mesambria) uncovered in the Dacian stronghold of Costeşti and Piatra Roşie (comm. Of Luncani, Hunedoara County), or in several other places, such as: Oarţa de Sus (Maramureş County), Apulum, Berghin (Alba County) and Onneniş (Braşov County).
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