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Câteva însemnări privind viaţa şi activitatea bijuteriului şi gravorului Theodor Radivon / Some remarks regarding the life and the works of the goldsmith and engraver Theodor Radivon.

  • Medalistică şi faleristică (The Art of Medals and Orders)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt One of the personalities that marked the beginning of the Romanian medal making in the second half of the 19th century was Theodor Radivon. He was horn on February 12th/24th 1849, in Piteşti, in a family of merchants. He moved in the following years to Bucharest where, in 1856, he established Casa Radivon, specialized in jewellery, silverwork, clock making and metal engraving, namely medals, baptismal ware etc.
Theodor Ration was also a good merchant, intelligent and with a developed sense of humour and therefore printed, between 1892-1901, the newspaper "Radeon, Organ al Partidului Elegant şi de Bun Gust", which he distributed for free in the country, as well as abroad, as advertisement for his company's products. From his newspaper we find out that the gold and the silver used for the works undertaken by the Casa Radivon was imported from California.
Theodor Radivon also took part in a series of exhibitions where he presented his works, was one of the organizers or was even chosen as part of the jury for the evaluation of certain pieces from his field of expertise. Thus, he took part in the Expoziţia Cooperatorilor din ţară, organized on the August 29th 1894, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, in 1900, in 1903 he took part in the Exhibition Pentru Înaintarea şi Răspândirea Ştiinţelor, and in 1904 he created medals for the exhibition Târgul Moşilor in Bucharest or for that of the Societăţii Agrare a Marilor Proprietari. In 1906, he took part in the Expoziţia Generală Naţională Română, organizată în capitală.
The work of Theodor Radivon was really prodigious. Over 100 medals are known, created between 1884-1927, even if we think that their real number was much higher. He collaborated a lot with the Ecole de Belle Artes, for which he engraved a series of medals prices.
He worked alone or in collaboration with other engravers in Bucharest. A longer collaboration for the creation of medals or of interior decoration he had with the engraver Mauriciu Carniol- the Son. It seems that a real friendship was created between the two, because between 1896 and 1906 they struck - The biggest part of the medals was made by Theodor Radeon on his own (sec the annexed list).
ln 1923, when the company of Th. Radeon celebrated 68 years of existence, for the festivity that probably marked the end of his career he worked on a series of medals to mark the event. In 1927 he signed his last medal. It is sure that in 1931, the company at which Theodor Radeon worked for a long time continued its activities because of his successor, Nicolae Radivon (35).
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