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Circulaţia monedelor muntene şi moldoveneşti în Bulgaria (secolele XIV-XV) / The Presence of Wallachian and Moldavian Coins in Bulgaria

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Excerpt The Wallachian and Moldavian coins are a rather common part among the foreign currency in use in Bulgarian urban centres during the 4th-15th century. In spite of their common border, the Wallachian coins had a rather limited diffusion in Bulgaria. They are more common on the territories of the Dobrudjan Despotat. One could connect the rather common issues of Mircea I found in Dobrudja with the military campaigns organised by the Wallachian ruler to conquer this region. So far in the Bulgarian territories were found single Wallachian coins at: Kaliakra - 22 sp., Vama - 14 sp., Tărnovo - 6 sp., Šumen - s sp., Vetren - 2 sp., Balčik - 2 sp., Oveč - 1 sp., Červen - 1 sp.
Meanwhile the single finds appear casually, the make-up of the hoards witness not only the main features of the monetary environment in a certain urban area, but also the amount of the wealth of their population.
The hoards containing Wallachian coins found in Bulgaria have a lot of special peculiarities: excepting the finds in: Vardun, Tărgovište, Tărnovo and Kaliakra I, all other finds contain very few specimens; half of the hoards so far known contain not only coins but also silver adornments; only two hoards were concealed about the mid-15th century. The remaining hoards could be dated at the end of 4th century, and their concealment should be connected with the Ottoman conquest of the Bulgarian territories. While the single finds are concentrating in Dobrudja and around the capitals, some hoards are also found in the Danubian area. They prove the commercial contacts between the territories located North and South of the Danube, between the „three" Bulgaria and Wallachia and Moldavia.
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