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Ordinul „Straja Ţării” şi „Meritul Străjeresc” / Order of the „Watch of the Motherland” and the Merit of the „Watch of the Motherland”

  • Medalistică şi faleristică (Medalistics and Phaleristics)  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt The Watch of the Motherland (Straja Ţării) was a Romanian youth organisation established in 1934. It functioned under the strict supervision of King Carol II, that assumed the title of „Great Watchman”. Membership was compulsory for all persons age between 7 and 18. The Watch was disbanded in September 1940, as soon as King Charles II was forced to abandon the throne (30 August 1940). The organisation had its own uniforms and decorations. The most well-known were the „Order of the Watch of the Motherland”, and the „Merit of the Watch of the Motherland”. The first was established in October 1934 under the title „The Honorary Sign of the Watch of the Motherland”, and elevated to order status in November 1937. It had four classes that could be awarded only consecutively (having the lower class for at least three years was mandatory in order to receive a higher one). The second decoration was established in 1937 and it had three classes. Both had relatively vague awarding criteria, and were used rather rarely. For the time being we were able to document nominally only 24 recipients of the Order and 38 of the Merit. Of course, there were more persons that received them, but this may offer an idea of how rarely they were awarded (e.g. in 1939 there were only 36 persons decorated with the Merit of Watch of the Motherland, all of them receiving the third class).
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; XXVI; anul 2020