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Views on the Presence of Monetary Signs and Coins in the Pre-Roman Settlement of Floriile-Adâncata (Aliman Commune, Constanţa County)

  • Numismatică Antică şi Bizantină / Ancient and Byzantine Numismatics  Articolele semnate de autor
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Excerpt The archaeological and monetary information regarding the fortified settlement at the Adâncata I point and the open settlement at the Adâncata II point comes entirely from chance finds. At this stage of research, the numismatic record surpasses by far all the other finds, even the ceramic material, being relevant for establishing a basal chronology whilst underlining the economic and commercial importance of the local center, especially its recognized political status in the area. Part of the monetary discoveries coming from the fortified settlement ended up in the numismatic collections of the National History and Archeology Museum from Constanţa, through purchases made in the 1990s and early 2000s. During the same time span, some artefacts entered private collections in Constanţa. Other pieces, illegally unearthed with metal detectors, came to our attention throughout the last decade (long after the moment of their discovery), when they were taken into custody and brought for numismatic expertise by other authorized institutions. Together the two settlements cover dozens of hectares, which is extraordinary considering the concentration of the archaeological and monetary finds. All published and unpublished discoveries known from the area of the above-mentioned settlements belong to a large tribal center of the local population in the southwestern Dobrudjan territory, in the extreme northeast of Thrace. These discoveries, archeological as well as monetary, are specific to the 5th-1st centuries BC.
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    • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; nr. în TOM: XXIX; anul 2023; subtitlu: XXIX / 2023
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