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Tudor Greceanu, un cavaler al înălţimilor. Schiţa biografică a unui zburător - obiecte ale pilotului de vânătoare, aflate în patrimoniul Muzeului Naţional de Istorie a României

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Excerpt The present paper brings to foreground the life, personality and feats of arms of the one who was Tudor Greceanu, one of the fighting aces that Romania had in the Second World War. In addition, this study brings to attention a large part of the objects belonging to the Tudor Greceanu Collection (found in the museum's heritage). Born in 1917, with aristocratic origins, Tudor Greceanu was passionate about the art of flying since his youth. He fought on both the Eastern and Western fronts, from the gates of Stalingrad to the battles for the liberation of Czechoslovakia. He received a whole series of awards (among others the Order of Michael the Brave 3rd class, the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, the Crusade against Communism medal). With the Communists coming to power in March 1945, his deeds of arms were no longer recognized by the new regime. He was removed from the Romanian Air Force, spied on, investigated and arrested by the communist authorities (notably because he fought against the Soviets). He spent almost 16 years in the Romanian Gulag, where he showed high human qualities. He was, moreover, the author of a famous escape from Aiud prison. Supervised all his life by the communist regime, he was never able to see his name fully recognized by his own people even after the 1989 Romanian Revolution.
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