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Un tezaur de monede feudale dobrogene din secolul al XIV-lea descoperit la Cernavodă (jud. Constanţa) / A hoard of medieval Dobrudjan coins of the 14th century discovered at Cernavodă, Constanţa County

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Excerpt The author deals with a parcel of 7 coins of the hoard found at Cernavodă (Constanţa county) and kept at the National History Museum of Romania C. C. Orghidan's collection purchased before 1936.
This hoard contains 6 stamena issued at Dristra by Dobrotitza, despot of the Land of Carbuna (cca. 1348-1386) and a stamenon struck at the same mint by Terter, the lord of Dristra (cca. 1376-1388). Twuo coins issued by Dobrotitza were overstruck on earlier stamena of the same issued and Terter’s coins was overstruck on his father's issue.
This made it possible for the author to establish a sequence of the monetary types Issued at Dristra.
Further on, the paper deals with the technique used at the mint of Dristra which is obviously of Byzantine tradition. It also analyses the question of the contemporary denomination of the bronze coins issued at Dristra mint. The author argues that they were called stamena like the Byzantine concave/convex coins of the 14th century.
Finally, emphasis is laid upon the role played by the Dristra mint in the economic and political life of Dobrudja at the end of the 14th century.
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  • Cercetări Numismatice: CN; VI; anul 1990