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Medalii dedicate lui Grigore G. Tocilescu păstrate în colecţia Muzeului Naţional / Medals Dedicated to Grigore G. Tocilescu, kept in the Collection of the National History Museum

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Excerpt At the National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest, are kept three medals awarded to Grigore G. Tocilescu (1850-1909), a Romanian historian and folklorist, well-known for the contributions he brought to archaeology and epigraphy.
The paper presents an unknown silver medal that was given to Tocilescu on the occasion of his participation to the Archaeological Congress from Orleans, organized in 1892 by the French Archaeological Society for the preservation of the historical monuments as well as two silver and bronze variant - medals, offered to the same scientist by the students in 1896 on the occasion of his celebration. Apart from the description of the medals, the author gives several considerations regarding the personality of Arcisse de Caumont, promoter of the French archaeology and also about Tocilescu contribution to the development of the Romanian archaeology.
Paginaţia 223-224
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  • Cercetări Numismatice; VII; anul 1996